Why You Should Choose Pier and Beam Foundation

If you are looking to build a new home or renovate an existing one, then it is important to consider the type of foundation that will be best for your needs. Pier and beam foundations are one of the most popular types of foundation types in use today because they offer excellent structural stability with sufficient headroom. Foundation Repair in Benbrook specialized in repairing both types when you need it.

The main difference between pier and beam foundations is that a pier foundation uses pilings while a beam foundation uses beams to support the structure. In both cases, piers or beams are made from poured concrete in order to create an elevated base for your home. Poured concrete also provides a solid surface for septic tanks, water treatment systems, and other underground structures so you won’t have any holes dug into your property line.

Foundation Repair in Benbrook

Also, it is important to note that both pier and beam foundations are the most stable type of foundation for your home, which is why they offer excellent structural support. A solid base also means that you can build bigger structures on top of them without having any safety concerns about the structure’s weight or pressure.

Both types come with many advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. For example, pier foundations are typically cheaper to build than beam foundations because they require less concrete and formwork. They also don’t transfer as much of the weight onto the soil below them so you can avoid some issues that might be related to ground settlement or erosion.

On the other hand, a beam foundation may help with drainage in areas where water is an issue since it requires more open space for airflow underneath it. Also, beams provide better access points if you need to make changes later down the road like adding skirting around your home’s exterior or putting up new decks or porches outside of certain rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms.