Passing BPASS Checkback in the UK

How to pass BPPSS checkback in the UK? If you are looking for a job in healthcare or social care and want to work with children or vulnerable adults, performing a background check is an essential requirement by employers.

A lot of people think that they can simply lie on their application form because they don’t know what’s involved when applying for a background check, but if you’re caught lying then it could cost you your whole career!

So what if you’ve already been caught lying on your application form? Well, the worst case scenario is that they’ll refuse to offer you a job. If this does happen then it’s important not to take any further action which could jeopardize your chances of getting another position with other employers in future.


Simply contact them and explain why you lied without being too specific or emotional about it – after all, there are no guarantees that they’ll give you an explanation for refusing to hire for something as small as fibbing on your background check forms! Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions like ‘can I resubmit my form?’ when talking to potential employers.

The best thing is not to lie, though. You should be completely honest with your potential employer about any convictions or cautions you have on your record, and if they are deemed to be relevant then it is likely that the company will refuse to hire.

If this has happened before, simply tell them what’s been done in an honest manner – for example “I’ve had a criminal conviction” rather than feeling obliged to provide too many details which might make things worse! If there is something really serious like rape or murder then you should take advice from experts who deal with these types of situations as soon as possible.