Air Pollution Control

Every day you can hear notifications about how much pollution has increased in many cities. In order to reduce this pollution and to be able to control air pollution, an exhaust gas analyzer is necessary.

This device is designed to measure the composition and concentration of various components contained in the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines. The gas analyzer can measure the concentration of carbon monoxide resulting from poor fuel combustion, carbon dioxide resulting from fuel combustion.

Exhaust Gas Analyzer

It can show whether combustion is efficient, then the concentration of nitrogen oxides that affect the formation of smog and acid rain, as well as measuring the level of oxygen present in the exhaust gases, which shows whether the mixture of fuel and air is properly adjusted. Based on these measurements, it is possible to determine what is wrong and to correct deficiencies in the operation of the internal combustion engine in order to have as few harmful gases as possible.

There are several types of these devices, and depending on the principle of measurement, they are divided into infrared analyzers, electrochemical analyzers, flame ionization analyzers, and catalytic analyzers. These analyzers are used in the automotive and engine manufacturing industries. Based on their measurements, a new technology is being developed to reduce the occurrence of harmful gases. Also, these analyzers are used to monitor emissions from industrial plants and to control air quality in cities.

In order to control air quality and to improve engine performance, an exhaust gas analyzer is necessary, which plays a significant role in environmental protection, which affects the health of all people.