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Garage doors are noisy. There is no way to deny it. They slam shut, and the noise can be heard all over your house – or even across town if you live in a larger neighborhood with thinner walls and close neighbors. If you have never lived near a garage before, then you might not know that this is an issue that many people experience on a regular basis. Luckily for those who don’t want to deal with the sound of their garage door every time they use it, has some tips h you can take to make them quieter!


The steps that you can take to make your garage door quieter include using weather-stripping on all of the edges and joints, adding insulation to help stop air from making noise as it travels through gaps in your walls or ceilings, replacing old rollers with new ones that won’t squeak every time they go up and down, tightening springs so they don’t sag inside the track causing an extra loud sound when hit by the rolling doors, lubricating hinges for better movement without any added friction sounds, adjusting/repairing tracks until there is no more slop between them and the door, and using a lubricant to add more protection from rust on the steel.

If that fails, you can also add a door sweep, and replace your hinges with noiseless ones. Also, make sure to get a garage door lubricant and use it on the tracks, as well as the hinges to reduce any squeaking.

Most important of all is using an oil based paint or sealer for your doors so that they don’t make noise when they are closed. If you do this one simple step, then there’s no need to worry about making other improvements because your whole problem will be solved!