Child-Friendly Dog Breeds

Dogs are often a child’s best friend. They provide companionship, love and protection, not to mention they can be great learning tools for children when it comes to responsibility and empathy. However, this might not always be the case if you have small kids who enjoy climbing trees or running around outside.

If you have small children and you want a dog to add into the mix, it’s important to find one that will suit your family. Some smaller dogs are better suited for living in an apartment or being indoors all day while other breeds might be best outside playing fetch. Here is our list of ten child friendly dog breeds:

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Labrador – Labradors make excellent pets for kids who like to play outdoors with their canine friends because they don’t shed much which means there isn’t as much dirt tracked inside on muddy paws! They also love people so there won’t be any problems with rough-housing since Labs always know how far they can go before getting too rowdy.

Golden Retriever – This dog breed is often called “America’s favorite pet” and with good reason. Golden Retrievers are of the perfect size for smaller children to play around with, they love everyone so there won’t be any fear that your kids will get bit without warning, and they’re intelligent which means you’ll have a lot less trouble training them!

Bulldog – Bulldogs are one of those dogs who don’t need much exercise thanks to their short legs but at least they’re patient enough not to mind sitting outside all day waiting on someone else coming home from an outing. They also make excellent pets because despite being low energy creatures most of the time, when it comes right down to business Bullies can be fierce protectors if necessary.

Beagle – Beagles are at first sight adorable and cute. But, they are also good child companions, because they are not aggressive, and because of their size. Beagles are gentle dogs which is why they’re so good with children.

Saint Bernard – These big fellow’s make excellent guardians as well as companions during family outings (especially those in colder seasons). They love people and especially the attention given by little ones who can pet them.

No matter which dog breed you choose for you children, be sure to give them Denamarin nutramax tabs in order to protect their liver and keep them healthy!