The Bricklaying Process and Industry

Many people have a misconception about what bricklaying is, and are under the impression that it’s an easy job. They think of laying bricks as if they were stones in a garden. The truth is that building with bricks takes skill and experience. Bricklayers must be able to work quickly and precisely, while paying close attention to detail – both qualities which take time to develop. The brick mason service is that one service that you need.

Brick Mason

Bricklayers are trained and certified through the National Bricklayer Apprenticeship Program in Canada, which requires a minimum of four years on-the-job experience. In order to start this program, you must have completed at least grade nine level schooling. The apprenticeships are typically paid positions and last three or four years depending on how quickly an individual progresses. There is also another bricklayer certification available from the Canadian Bricksetter Association (CBA), which takes two years of work experience but does not require any formal training as it can be provided by employers during that time period.

After completion of these programs, individuals can apply for jobs with their employer’s union or become self-employed if they wish. It may take several days before you actually start work, as there is a lot of time spent in the initial apprenticeship learning from an experienced bricklayer. However, once you are on-site and have learned all techniques necessary to do your job well – including laying bricks by hand or with machinery and fixing cracks that might develop over time after construction has finished – then you will be able to start earning money for yourself!

A few tips when building bricks homes: use mortar between each layer so it stays stable; make sure your corners are tight like a puzzle piece; don’t forget about fire code regulations which require certain distances from other buildings depending on how tall they are. If everything goes smoothly, this process can take anywhere from one day to six months (or more).